This is why we weed

Making the most out of my last day before vacation, I’m diving back into the 700’s and oh my stars, we’ve found the circus section.

Should we be encouraging this?  Careers in the circus?  No more the idle threat of kids everywhere.  Although I guess what works for R.Patz….

Or this?  Sure, they could possibly somewhere (dark and scary) be a kid who wants to be a clown.  Seriously though, even the covers are creeping me out.

Sad to lose this but I had to admit, as cool as Gummie Bears are, kids today have no idea the awesome they’re missing.  Which is the real tragedy.

And today’s “This Is Why We Weed” Prize goes to…

A shelver looked over to see what I was laughing at.  I know the unfortunately placed sticker blocks the title but So You Want to Be a Star has to be my most favorite thing I have weeded to date.  Might submit it to Awful Library Books.


In the Wild 700’s

Look what I found in the music section of Dewey!!  I brought these gems in the back office and shared with my department.  And took pictures.  The first reaction besides wow was “I thought I got rid of all THOSE?” Crazily I feel this is the first time I really let loose at my new job and connected, over bad books.  Everyone had a good time ripping Nick Lachey and company and reminiscing about the gold old days when JT frosted his hair within an inch of its life.

I’m finding weeding to be surprising liberating, if not tiring.  The 700’s really are wild.  They haven’t been weeded in like 2 years.  But I probably don’t feel too much guilt because I didn’t select any of the materials I’m withdrawing. (Fancy librarian speak for buying and getting rid of stuff)  And I also have th advantage of our library being relatively young, only around since ‘71.  So it is almost impossible to find anything older than 20 years.  But I do feel sad when I see an interesting book on an obscure topic that hasn’t been checked out.  I keep them because I think there might be a way to highlight and promote it but still sad that there are good books out there without readers.