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RLA-CE Maker Spaces on a Budget

On May, 30th I was part of a panel about creating Maker Spaces in libraries when money and resources are scarce. I spoke about low cost maker programs that can be modified for different spaces and budgets. I was joined by Mike Campagna and Elizabeth Ludemann who talked about their own libraries initiatives for Maker Spaces and great resources like Make it at Your Library. (If you haven’t check out Make it at Your Library, go now. Go right now. I’ll wait.)  We then broke out into smaller groups to discuss issues around maker spaces like staff learning curve and programming for adults. I learned just as much in those discussion as I shared in my presentation.

Check out our slides below and also visit for more great upcoming programs. Thanks again RLA-CE for inviting me to speak and putting together a great program and Schaumburg Public Library for hosting us.