Day #15 – It still counts

Yeah I’m bending the rules since yes it’s technically the 16th but I haven’t gone to sleep yet so my body still thinks it’s the same day.  Time, it’s relative!

So I have this bad habit of thinking about my NaNo at inopportune times, like driving in my car or shopping at the grocery store.  I start playing around with a scene in my  head and get snatches of dialogue or observation.  But the problem is I’m nowhere near a computer or even pen and paper.  And even if I was it’s really bad timing to jot all that done before it’s gone out of my mine.  Annoying.

Okay yeah this post is weak.  Tomorrow’s will be better.  Promise.  Yeah, I know, you’ve heard that before.

Here listen to this.  Some musical inspiration for my writing.


Day #10 – Outline of my NaNoWriMo aka Lameness

Not that I think my NaNoWriMo’s going to be lame this year, just that I’m le tired and don’t feel like being actually clever so I’m just going to write an outline for today’s post and be glad.

Still Untitled

Four women travel to Ireland for a two-week vacation.  Vere – recently single and very fed up with dating.  Her sister Aran – hopeless romantic who has a good heart but can be ditzy.  Cousin Violet – successful lawyer, first vacation in years and doesn’t quite understand the meaning of relaxing.  Mom Cecila – warm, loving and great at planning.  Grandma Fern feisty, on the lookout for cup of tea, a snack and someone to chat with.

In Ireland they meet the family that owns the B&B/pub they’ll be staying in matriarch Dara, oldert son Ross, and younger son Bran O’Clune.  After a night of too many Guinnesses Vere and Bran get acquainted and hilarity ensures.

Okay so as far as an outline it pretty much sucks.  But that’s all I got.  Oh and I think I narrowed my setting to either County Galway and Clarinbridge or Doolin in County Clare.  Our sightseers will also visit the Cliffs of Moher, Cork, Dublin, Galway, Aran Islands, Shannon and of course, the Blarney Castle.

My end goal is a mix of romance and family relationship.  I’m hoping to layer the Vere/Ross story with Vere and her family.  I also hope it ends up funny.  Maybe.  In any case here’s some more of my pretty pictures from Ireland to get you in the mood.  But seriously if you have a really good idea for a title please let me steal it.

A gorgeous sun set in Cork. I have something special planned for here.

Day 3, yep that’s how original I feel

Well that didn’t take long.  Only three days into my 30 Day Blog challenge and already I’m out of ideas and not wanting to post.  Self-discipline, I can haz it.  A big reason I want to post every day is it’s part of my turning a new leaf plan.  I want to get more serious about my writing and to that end I feel strongly that I should naturally write more instead of just saying I will.  But when I don’t make it an intention I get posts like this that ramble and loll about without aim or purpose and full of superfluous qualifiers and run-ons.  Hurray!

Dunguaire Castle in Kinvara, I might be using this in my novel. Think rain, wind, sexy Irish man, dinner but no tournament.

For some reason fall weather inspires me to write.  It’s the combination of cool weather, turning leaves and afternoon naps in the sun.  Mostly though it’s probably NaNoWriMo’s fault.  I have an idea for this year’s attempt.  Well I always have an idea, hopefully this year that idea will translate into an actual completed novel.  I’m going lowball this year, no supernatural, no steampunk, no YA, straight up contemporary romance with a slight chick lit vibe.  I’m going to set it in Ireland, mostly because I want to go back desperately and writing about it will be close enough.  I don’t really have a clever temporary title.  Maybe something lame like Holiday Fling or Green Love.  Yeah, that good.  But like I said it gives me a chance to go through my Ireland pictures and day-dream while munching on apples and sipping cider.

30 Day Blog Challenge

I’m doing something different this year.  Instead of diving head first into NaNoWriMo with all guts and bluster on November 1st, I’m going to ease into.  I’m taking up the 30 Day Blog Challenge.  Other friends have done it and it’s fun to see what they come up with to write about everyday.  I have something of a leg up as I’m not just using this blog but also three others I write for, one I guest write for and one super secret one that I’m just starting.  They run from personal to professional so I should have enough material for 30 posts, if not opportunity.

Here on Library Mountain I’m planning on some posts about…you guessed it, libraries.  Specifically the interesting experiences I’m having working full-time at a closed library.  It really makes you aware of how the job is about people, not books.  I’m also going to draft some NaNo ideas and thoughts so I’m ready to go come 11/1.  I am not failing at NaNo again this year.  No excuses.

I might also post some pictures of books I’m reading and update my reading challenge for 2011.  Currently I’m 68% done on my way to reading 200 books this year.  There’s an insanity in my goals I realize but hey, gotta work toward something.

If you have any other thoughts on what topics you’d like to hear me go on about let me know.  It can be like blogging on demand!  Except I won’t charge you Comcast prices.  Well if I could, I would.

Currently reading this:

Avoidance is a four letter word

Because I’m the queen procrastinator and not only am I avoiding the prospect of working all night, I’m also avoiding my sadly behind NaNo.  So to encourage me to do something productive I’m dream casting my NaNo.  You know, the story I’m no where near finishing and have doubts of ever doing so?  Yeah, that one.

Grace: Confession.  I know lots of male actors.  Lots.  I have a list.  Seriously.  And I know some female actresses but not as many.  So I don’t know if I have an opinion about her physical appearance other than she’s strong, athletic and not a typical beauty…Kristen Bell, if we pretend she’s about five inches taller. And wouldn’t hurt for GF to gain a pound, or let me borrow that top!

Dr. Harrison VonForten: He’s actually a thinnly veiled disguise of Dr. Simon Tam anyway so…Sean Maher

Samuel Sharp and Jerimah Keane: Continuing with the Joss Whedon theme…Tahmoh Penikett and Chiwetel Ejiofor

Helen Van Forten: Bitch…Diane Argone.

These are my main players and really as far as I’ve gotten.  Should really be writing.  Yep.  Right on top of that.


Who said it could be Novemeber?  I didn’t give my approval for October to be over.  Makes me want to sit in a corner, rocking saying,”this is not happening, this is not happening.”  When in fact, yes, NaNoWriMo is happening.  Gawd, didn’t we just do this kids and kittens.  Didn’t we just write over 50,000 words in one month.  Now we have to do it again? 

This being year #2 I decided to up the difficulty factor and pick between three separate novel ideas.  It was very obvious to me which one I wanted to do, which one would be the more interesting, which one would be harder.  So I ignored that instinct and tried to get excited about my other two ideas.  Which are perfectly fine ideas just not as snazzy.  But after putting it to a Facebook vote I decided to go with my original idea.

What is my original idea?  Well, that’s a good question.  It’s hard to sum up and maybe that explains my reluctance.  Mostly its about a girl fighting to preserve her way of life and avoid the love of her life who’s married to another woman.  It’s also about society and how it can react to major events, like a civil war.  It’s also about science and the limitlessness of innovation and how our tools can become our friends or our enemies. 

So basically it’s a big story about some big things and I don’t know if I’m up for it.  I don’t know if I can write this kind of story yet and have it work.  Basically the same self-doubts I had last year just folded over.  Helps too that I took on a second job for the duration of NaNo.  I’m mostly looking forward to this being a big old mess for 30 days.

Oh and I think I’m calling it “Virginia City Slow.” And I think these are my characters.

Grace/Mela  – prostitute with a heart of gold and the compulsion to kick your ass.

 Dr. Harrison “Doc” VanForten – Virginia City’s closest thing to royalty and Grace’s star-crossed lover.  Bit of a stuffed shirt sometimes.

Helen “The Skank” VanForten – his bitch of a wife.  We hate her.

Samuel “The Shooter” Sharp and Jeremiah “The Reverend” Keane – two men from the Union Agency of Lawmen, kinda like a post-Civil War FBI/CIA.  Samuel’s the newcomer, Jeremiah’s a childhood friend of Grace and Harrison’s.

Sheriff Jeffords and Deputy Tobin – Local law, but who’s side are they really on?

Gregor “The Boss” Lind – Mine owner, land owner, all around jackass.  Has his own agenda and the influence to get it done.

The Orchard – High class brothel in Virgina City.

Run by Madame dela Pomme.  She took over when Grace’s adopted mom Char left town.  Grace may not run the place but she has a controlling interest and takes 30% of profits and owns the building.  When she turns 27 (in 6 months) she has the option of taking full ownership or letting Madame dela Pomme buy her out.  She is undecided.

Lemon, Poppy, Marigold, Clementine, Cerise, Bluebelle and Honey Dew – the other girls of The Orchard.  They may not be educated but that doesn’t mean they aren’t intelligent.

Mr. George Grey – steam-powered Automaton that was a gift to Grace from Dr. George Moore.  Most people think he can only play the piano but what if he has other hidden functions?

Cutler – A shadow figure that is connection all the major players.  What does he want?  What’s his end goal?  Who’s side is he on, the Ratifiers or the Separatists? 

Notice all the questions marks?  Yeah me too.  Hope I figure out the answers at some point huh?  Also hope this cold/allergy thing goes away.  I’ll also be talking with a slight Western accent for the next 30 days.  Ignore me.

Sunday Funday round-up

So not doing so good with the weekly blog posts even though I think of things to discuss, like shirtless hockey player controversies.

I made a video this week which took up some of my free time.  C2E2, a new Chicago Comic Con from the people behind New York Comic Con and Book Expo, asked its volunteer applicants to make a video application.  And that’s all they ask, no other guidelines.  So I took it and ran.  Super friend Angie gave me the idea to film downtown on Friday so I did.  And then I came back to my apartment, wrote a “script” as such, made props and used iMovie to record more video, edit and insert music and transitions.  I probably spent about 4+ hours monkeying with the controls and reading the help section but I now have a video.

Check out all its majesty.

There’s another, unauthorized version of that video with a cooler soundtrack.  Email me if you’d like to see it.  Warning you though, that’s all that’s different.

Started revising my NaNoWriMo novel.  After about two hours I have 10 pages done, and that’s straight copy editing and notations like, “OMG” and “WTF” and “really?” and my favorite “?”  Yep, working with quality material here.  Honest though, it’s going better than I thought and I’m getting ideas on what I want to build on, areas I’ll probably rework, vigorously and how to fix my pacing, because it is way off.  I also need to strengthen my conflict.  It doesn’t feel immediate enough.

Now I just need to get through the mountain of books I keep thinking I’ll read.  Ha.  I’m so delusional when it comes to reading.