Day #10 – Outline of my NaNoWriMo aka Lameness

Not that I think my NaNoWriMo’s going to be lame this year, just that I’m le tired and don’t feel like being actually clever so I’m just going to write an outline for today’s post and be glad.

Still Untitled

Four women travel to Ireland for a two-week vacation.  Vere – recently single and very fed up with dating.  Her sister Aran – hopeless romantic who has a good heart but can be ditzy.  Cousin Violet – successful lawyer, first vacation in years and doesn’t quite understand the meaning of relaxing.  Mom Cecila – warm, loving and great at planning.  Grandma Fern feisty, on the lookout for cup of tea, a snack and someone to chat with.

In Ireland they meet the family that owns the B&B/pub they’ll be staying in matriarch Dara, oldert son Ross, and younger son Bran O’Clune.  After a night of too many Guinnesses Vere and Bran get acquainted and hilarity ensures.

Okay so as far as an outline it pretty much sucks.  But that’s all I got.  Oh and I think I narrowed my setting to either County Galway and Clarinbridge or Doolin in County Clare.  Our sightseers will also visit the Cliffs of Moher, Cork, Dublin, Galway, Aran Islands, Shannon and of course, the Blarney Castle.

My end goal is a mix of romance and family relationship.  I’m hoping to layer the Vere/Ross story with Vere and her family.  I also hope it ends up funny.  Maybe.  In any case here’s some more of my pretty pictures from Ireland to get you in the mood.  But seriously if you have a really good idea for a title please let me steal it.

A gorgeous sun set in Cork. I have something special planned for here.


Day 3, yep that’s how original I feel

Well that didn’t take long.  Only three days into my 30 Day Blog challenge and already I’m out of ideas and not wanting to post.  Self-discipline, I can haz it.  A big reason I want to post every day is it’s part of my turning a new leaf plan.  I want to get more serious about my writing and to that end I feel strongly that I should naturally write more instead of just saying I will.  But when I don’t make it an intention I get posts like this that ramble and loll about without aim or purpose and full of superfluous qualifiers and run-ons.  Hurray!

Dunguaire Castle in Kinvara, I might be using this in my novel. Think rain, wind, sexy Irish man, dinner but no tournament.

For some reason fall weather inspires me to write.  It’s the combination of cool weather, turning leaves and afternoon naps in the sun.  Mostly though it’s probably NaNoWriMo’s fault.  I have an idea for this year’s attempt.  Well I always have an idea, hopefully this year that idea will translate into an actual completed novel.  I’m going lowball this year, no supernatural, no steampunk, no YA, straight up contemporary romance with a slight chick lit vibe.  I’m going to set it in Ireland, mostly because I want to go back desperately and writing about it will be close enough.  I don’t really have a clever temporary title.  Maybe something lame like Holiday Fling or Green Love.  Yeah, that good.  But like I said it gives me a chance to go through my Ireland pictures and day-dream while munching on apples and sipping cider.