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The Girlfriend Experience

And by that I mean the “Gold” VIP Package from Creation’s Supernatural Con.  Just check out all the great stuff!


1) The absolute best reserved seats in the main theatre where all our major guests appear! These seats are YOURS, come and go, all weekend. (The closest you’ll get to J &J’s lap and rockhard chest all weekend)

2) Complimentary in-person autographs with great guests including (whoever is available that weekend which for LA meant more actual stars and less “who’d you play?”) and more to be announced.

3) First to get autographs: we go row by row: you are in the front rows: you get the idea! THAT’S RIGHT: you get to our guests first! (To sign various paraphernalia which, seriously, where are you going to put that 8ft stage banner?)

4) Complimentary admission to our SATURDAY NIGHT DESSERT AND COCKTAIL PARTY! Mix and mingle with fellow fans and selected guests. This event is EXCLUSIVE for Gold Weekend Patrons! (I can only imagine, cause I opted for the cheap, voyeur seats)

5) Pre-Registration fun: we get you set for the weekend before other patrons and give you first crack at the exclusive merchandise!  (Five tables selling disappearing mugs and autographs leftover from other cons, stuff you’ll really need in 10 years.)

6) Wristband access: we have special color coded wristbands and lanyard credentials for GOLD Package Holders: once you get set you don’t need to wait again! (Read that again, lanyard credentials.  Seriously.)

7) Complimentary Admission to our SUNDAY MORNING Breakfast and Charity Silent Auction: enjoy a delightful continental breakfast with other fans and special celebrity drop-ins, and help us raise money for a great charity. This event is EXCLUSIVE TO GOLD WEEKEND PATRONS! (Even I can’t hate on charity.)

8) Fantastic FREE SUPERNATURAL gift you’ll love!  (Not so much free when the whole Girlfriend Experience costs $500, not including lodging, refreshments or travel.  Oh and crap for all those “free” autographs you’ll be collecting.)

Honestly, I’m torn and a bit of a hypocrite.  I went to this thing, I gave Creation my money.  I whooped and hollered when the attractive menfolk where on stage.  Sure I can comfort myself with the fact that I spent more time exploring LA with my dear friend Rachel than I did creepily stalking sci-fi celebrities.  In fact I watched Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer for the un-Supernatural-initiated) walk past on his way to the green room and didn’t realize it until after the fact was pointed out to me.  I also missed the Costume Contest to catch my flight but then I proved all weekend my lack of fangirl crazy by not bidding multiple benjamins on banners, autographs, mugs, crap, crap and more crap.  Oh and I didn’t submit a fan music video to set to Train.  Damn.

BUT as I said to Rachel, for the $500 Gold/Girlfriend Package one of those Winchester boys better be making out with me for at least 10 minutes, wives and girlfriends be damned.  I don’t mean to mock those girls/people that did though.  I don’t know your life, I don’t know what your reasons were for taking the time, spending the money and hanging out at an airport hotel all weekend.  Maybe this is your special thing you do every year.  Maybe like me, you meet up with someone and have a great time wandering a new city and watch cinema at it’s most painful (LA folks haven’t lied, The Room really is that bad it’s good, but good in a painful, never again way.)

Or maybe you fall in the typical stalker fangirl clichés.  Maybe you write self-fulling fanfic where an attractive young woman named Amanda walks up to a Winchester Boy, pick one, and makes a pithy comment and ten pages later are in bed declaring undying love and devotion.  Not that I would know.  Seriously though, I don’t know who to blame for these events.  Creation for making money where there is obvious money to be made?  The stars for appearing and getting paid and giving something back to the fans?  The fans for investing a seriously INSANE AMOUNT OF MONEY.  REALLY?  I PAY RENT WITH WHAT YOU SPENT ON POSTER-SIZED PIC OF SOME DUDE!!???!!!

If it was more about the community and not the one-upmanship of who can get the most crap signed by the most stars and “I really liked your moment with Jared” (real comment overheard by the bathroom mere moments before I was completely oblivious to Mark Pellegrino, who I enjoy as an actor) maybe I’d feel less dirty.  Mostly I felt uncomfortable the whole weekend about the elephant in the room no one, organizers, stars, fans, would acknowledge.  I like that this show, these characters, this world isn’t real.  I have enough real.  I have relationships, work, baby showers, laundry that all need my time and attention.  I don’t need fictional characters to be real.  I need them to live on the screen and in the ethers, entertain me for an hour and then leave me be.  But for some, the Girlfriend Experience is real.  They think they’re making real connections with these people.  They’re knitting them things, asking obnoxious questions, expecting these stars to be the characters, or at least fit into their perception of them.

Again I feel like a big phony for saying all this because I was part of the problem this weekend.  I maybe also had a different expectation too.  I had thought this would be more about celebrating the work and it wasn’t.  And maybe I’m just making excuses.  All I have to say is that hope everyone got whatever they were looking for because for that kind of money you better have gotten your climax.


“I see you shiver with antici…”

catchingIt’s here, it’s here, it’s here…Catching Fire.  Look at that sexy cover.  I haven’t been this excited about a book, or film, or show for a while (although HBO is developing a pilot called “Game of Thrones” with some yummy actors but this is year or so off) 

 Part of my excitment is that Hunger Games, the book before Catching Fire, was the most surprising, exciting and intriguing book I read in 2008.  It also featured a tough/strong female lead, a touch of romance and some great action.  She out runs a freaking forest fire!  I don’t know where this love of a good action sequence came from but it’s almost required for my enjoyment of anything.  So I loved the first book, but why the itchy, burning desire for the next amoung all the other series I read?  And why do I crave that shiver?  That antici…pation.

But anticipation is as much a motivation to read as escapism or information seeking.  The desire, nay, the need to find out what happens next is why we start, finish and fight over books.  That’s what good authors do, make you care about the characters or the story enough to find out how it ends.  I’m afflicted with the need to know how something ends.  I’m notorious for jumping to the end, reading spoilers, watching episodes in reverse order.  I remember asking a friend who died at the end of Pearl Harbor so I wouldn’t have to see it.  But when I hold back and restrain myself, oh, OH, how sweet the anticipation tastes.rocky-horror-feature

To tease myself a bit more, I’m finishing my stack of library books before I start Catching Fire.  Okay maybe I’m waiting for the weekend because I know I’ll be up until all hours, half blind, reading just one more page, one more page.  I’m stretching this out because the next book will be so far away and once I give to the anticipation I’m a slave to the just one more page, one more page.

My reading challenge update…

The year is halfway gone so I wanted to evaluate progress on my 100 books in a year challenge.

On my ever helpful Goodreads page I have tagged 64 books as “2009.”  Of those, 20 are adult books, 37 youth (kid and YA), 8 graphic novels, 2 did not finish and 5 that I am currently reading.  Yes that does not equal 64, I cross tag certain books. 

I am continuely suprised that I don’t finish books as fast as I think I do.  True I read some books faster, like Nora Roberts or Meg Cabot because its delightful yet mindless drivel.  And I have a habit of retiring books if I can’t get into them *cough* Ghostgirl *cough*.  I wonder if the challenge is taking a toll on my reading habits.  I pressure myself to finish so I can move on to the next book, get that next notch. 

I need to read 36 more before December 31.  Things should start picking up now I read all the Printz books I wanted to and am moving on to the Caudill nominees for this year.  I started with Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life which was amazing.  I have two more that came in this week so I might get to them this weekend.  But first I have to get my Matt Cruse fix.  Kenneth Oppel and his Airborn series might be my new favorite Potter replacement.  Adventure, mystery, like our world but not quite.  And it has this Steampunk vibe that is very cool.  Probably stay up tonight and finish it, my last nod to summer break.

Wouldn’t Colin Morgan from Merlin make a great Matt Cruse?  Sure he’s bit old but he plays the skinny and awkward, yet smart and sensitive so well. 

colin morgan

How Hollywood gets it right and wrong…

Armed with a new theme and some updated links I’m ready to go!!  Again!!  I always fall off the blogging wagon but I can never stay away.  But I’ll ease back into it with a short post and work on more for tomorrow.

What are they doing with the Percy Jackson movie??!!??  I don’t usually approve of unnecessary punctuation but it is deserved in this case.  The casting for this movie, based on a favorite series of mine by Rick Rirodan, is all over the place.  You can check it all out here at the IMDB page.  I have to applaud much of the casting so far, Sean Bean as Zues (oh baby, yes) Uma Thurman as Medusa, Pierce Brosnan as Chiron…so much good.  A little on the fence about Steve Coogan as Hades, I like him but that role is really for a dark and brooding type, Richard Armitage comes to mind.  But Coogan’s good so I’ll take.  Not a bad haul so far for a kids movie right?  And then it all goes down with the casting for the kids, you know, freaking Percy Jackson.  I don’t have a problem with this Logan Lerman guy just that’s he’s pushing 18 and Percy’s way younger.  Yes typically older teens play younger teens.  But this is was suppose to be set as the next Harry Potter and they cast those kids the right age.  The chick playing Annabeth?  22!!  Really?  Really?  Rumors are swirling about major plot changes already which is very disappointing since the books already read like movies.  Rirodan gave you the action, why change it?  I have horrible visions of the disaster that was The Seeker.  Please Hollywood, please, don’t mess this up.  Please?  With sugar on top? 


The future Zeus, it helps me calm down.