car shopping is for the birds

On this, the Eve…

Of New Moon on DVD!!!  Shreek!!!  Giggle!!!  Titter!!!  (Testing to see what gets searched and what doesn’t on this thing)

Now that we got that out of the way.

I enjoy that I always want to start my posts out with an apology for not writing more.  But then I remind myself I’m administering and posting on three other blogs and running a Facebook Page somehow.  And trying to buy a car.  Yes, you heard/read correctly.  I’m buying a car.  It’s time.  The old one’s been good but a new one, a new hybrid one, a new hybrid, Prius one, will do the trick.  And yes, I know about the recalls.  I work in a library, not under a rock.

I wish I could say I’ve been writing but not so much really.  Again it’s taken a backseat to life which is the thing that annoys me most.  But then I look around my apartment and see the dust bunnies and say, eh, there are more pressing matters.  But I’ll get back to it, one day soon.

Although there’s nothing ground-shaking right now I’m hoping this propels me into future action, like the long form reviews I used to do here before goodreads made it so easy to rate and forget.