Book to Movie

How Hollywood gets it right and wrong…

Armed with a new theme and some updated links I’m ready to go!!  Again!!  I always fall off the blogging wagon but I can never stay away.  But I’ll ease back into it with a short post and work on more for tomorrow.

What are they doing with the Percy Jackson movie??!!??  I don’t usually approve of unnecessary punctuation but it is deserved in this case.  The casting for this movie, based on a favorite series of mine by Rick Rirodan, is all over the place.  You can check it all out here at the IMDB page.  I have to applaud much of the casting so far, Sean Bean as Zues (oh baby, yes) Uma Thurman as Medusa, Pierce Brosnan as Chiron…so much good.  A little on the fence about Steve Coogan as Hades, I like him but that role is really for a dark and brooding type, Richard Armitage comes to mind.  But Coogan’s good so I’ll take.  Not a bad haul so far for a kids movie right?  And then it all goes down with the casting for the kids, you know, freaking Percy Jackson.  I don’t have a problem with this Logan Lerman guy just that’s he’s pushing 18 and Percy’s way younger.  Yes typically older teens play younger teens.  But this is was suppose to be set as the next Harry Potter and they cast those kids the right age.  The chick playing Annabeth?  22!!  Really?  Really?  Rumors are swirling about major plot changes already which is very disappointing since the books already read like movies.  Rirodan gave you the action, why change it?  I have horrible visions of the disaster that was The Seeker.  Please Hollywood, please, don’t mess this up.  Please?  With sugar on top? 


The future Zeus, it helps me calm down.