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The Abandoners…

Abandoned School

I hate to abandon books.  There is nothing that leaves me with a greater sense of lost and utter despondency.  Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration.  I do feel like I’m betraying the author by not giving the books a fair chance.

Mostly these are books I want to like too.  Eithere the title, or the cover or the subject interest me on some level.  But then I start getting into the books and lose steam.  Or the book doesn’t get going fast enough.  Or it’s not what I expected.  Or the worse, I stop and never start caring about the characters.

I’m trying to finish the Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Gothgirlby Barry Lyga.  Great title right?  I’m slowly getting into comics and this is about a comic Fanboy.  Solid YA premise.  But it’s going nowhere, for me.  Maybe that’s part of the issue, the book’s not for me.  Maybe I really need to be a 15 year old male comic fan and not just empathise with one.  And there is nothing bad or offensive about it, it’s just kinda, blah. 

I have a decision to make, drop it and move on or muscle though.  Either way my life won’t be drastically changed, no one will die.  But it is disappointing.