Avoidance is a four letter word

Because I’m the queen procrastinator and not only am I avoiding the prospect of working all night, I’m also avoiding my sadly behind NaNo.  So to encourage me to do something productive I’m dream casting my NaNo.  You know, the story I’m no where near finishing and have doubts of ever doing so?  Yeah, that one.

Grace: Confession.  I know lots of male actors.  Lots.  I have a list.  Seriously.  And I know some female actresses but not as many.  So I don’t know if I have an opinion about her physical appearance other than she’s strong, athletic and not a typical beauty…Kristen Bell, if we pretend she’s about five inches taller. And wouldn’t hurt for GF to gain a pound, or let me borrow that top!

Dr. Harrison VonForten: He’s actually a thinnly veiled disguise of Dr. Simon Tam anyway so…Sean Maher

Samuel Sharp and Jerimah Keane: Continuing with the Joss Whedon theme…Tahmoh Penikett and Chiwetel Ejiofor

Helen Van Forten: Bitch…Diane Argone.

These are my main players and really as far as I’ve gotten.  Should really be writing.  Yep.  Right on top of that.


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