A dream within a dream…

I sort of touched on this yesterday and it had me thinking, far more than usual yes, about dreams.  They’re ethereal things, both the night ones and the day one.  They seem impossible dreams, yet they inspire such yearning and hope.  I take dreaming seriously, I really do.  No I don’t believe dreaming about a duck means calamity is ahead or whatever interpretation nonsense says (I totally made up the duck thing).  But I believe our dreams tell us something very honest about ourselves.  Something that maybe can’t be said out loud or to another person yet.  But at what point do dreams become goals?  And does that make dreams vulnerable?

Bedtime BearA blog I read, Editorial Anonymous, had a post recently where a reader wrote in asking, “Do children’s book editors know that they hold children’s book author’s dreams in their hands?” and the anonymous children’s editor gave a suprising but accurate answer.  Editors don’t hold dreams, they hold works.  Editors don’t crush dreams with rejection, they reject the work.  We crush our own dreams, not the other way around.  And how true it that, for so many things in life?  Yes, we live in a society and not on a deserted island.  People reject us, professionally, personally, emotionally, intellectually.  But rejection should not be a crushing defeat.  I’ve learned that lesson so many time, yet it’s times like now I need be reminded.  Hard work does not always pay off every time.  But does that mean stop working?  Stop trying or never start? 

I’m reminded of a poem, William Bulter Yeats’ He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven.

But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

I believe our dreams have power but also have limits and this is coming from someone who lives by her dreams and lives for dreaming.  It’s my secret world that feeds my real world.  And comments like Editorial’s doesn’t endanger that, it makes it stronger.  These are my dreams, I believe in them and where they will take me.  And I believe I’m strong enough to keep them going in the face of rejection.  So dream on, dreamers.  But please, don’t crush your dreams.  Because no one can dream for you.


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