About Me

Live in Chicago.  Work in an awesome public library.  Love promoting reading, learning new technology, and finding the answers to questions.   Aspire to write the great American Novel.  Read voraciously.  Have Masters of Library and Information Science.  Working to grow professionally, attend comic conventions, and promote technology and literacy.  Eats cheese, lots and lots of cheese.

Youth Literacy and Education

  • Full-time Web Services Youth Librarian for Warren-Newport Public Library.
  • STEAM Programmer for tweens and teens.
  • Monthly blog author for YALSA’s The Hub, a young adult literature blog.
  • Co-Chair for YALSA’s Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults selection committee.
  • Special Event Educator Volunteer at the Adler Planetarium.
  • Completed a 10-Week Storytime Outreach Internship.
  • Completed masters level courses on Children’s Collection Development, Youth Services and Early Childhood Literacy and Language Development.
  • Background in Education, certified Illinois Type 09 Secondary English Education.

Virtual Services

  • Website administrator for three organizational blogs.
  • Administrator for professional organization’s social media websites and applications.
  • Member of virtual services, web posting social media committees.
  • Train staff on new virtual services.

Information Literacy and Reference

  • Experience as Full-time Library Assistant for a medical library serving a Chicagoland hospital and nursing college.
  • Completed research requests for staff physicians, nurses and nursing professors.
  • Developed and presented user instruction sessions for nursing students and new staff members.
  • Created new professional development collection in collaboration with Career and Counseling Department.

Customer Service and Professional Development

  • Belong to ALA, YALSA and ILA professional organizations.
  • Virtual member of YALSA’s Financial Advancement Committee and Popular Paperbacks Selection Committee.
  • Employee of the month for major book retailer for developing customer service initiatives.
  • Completed over 30 hours of training on the customer experience and improving customer service scores.
  • Employee of the year for creating and leading employee orientation and training for recreation facility.

For more information and a complete resume email at akmargie[at]gmail[dot]com



  1. I found your blog through your goodreads profile, and might I say that Mrs. Gillespie would be proud. Book reviews in blogs are a great idea, and I’m happy to see what you’re up to nowadays. I just wanted you to know that I’m spying from now on. Take care.

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